What’s Inside My Backpack? 5 Tips for a Travelite Adventure

It’s been almost a year when I started wandering in the Philippines. I got so excited and packed everything I wanted and thought I needed in my backpack only to find out I didn’t actually need most of them. Traveling with too much with you is a disadvantage because of all the weight you carry. You feel uncomfortable and you get tired easily. Here are some tips about packing things you need before you travel.

  1. Consider the type of place you are going to visit, the weather and the activities you want to do. For instance, if you’re going hiking, you might want to bring comfortable clothes, appropriate footwear and possible personal effects you’ll need like insect repellant, sanitizer and a first aid kit. Leave stuffs you think you will only use once. You can get by without them. Beach bumming? Never ever forget that spf50 sunblock, swimsuit, flip-flops, shades and other sun protection.
  1. Pack minimal clothes as you don’t need to change every time. Choose to pack the lighter and more comfy clothes because most likely, you are going to make a lot of walking. Wear the bulky ones like pants, jacket and sneakers when you leave. This will free space in your bag to put something else. When going home, wear them again.
  1. Leave some space in your bag. Almost always, you pack more when going home than when you leave. These include your pasalubongs and souvenirs. To avoid having a lot to carry, make sure your bag can accommodate everything.
  1. Separate important documents and valuables from your main luggage/bag. I have a small sling bag where I put my travel documents such as itinerary, maps, small notebook and a pen together with important personal things like phone, coin purse, wallet, comb (yes) and a digital camera. You need to hang another bag on your neck if you’re bringing an SLR. You will be able to get them easily especially when you’re at the airport or when you need to write down something. This will help you put your things in order and avoid the hassle of digging in your bag to find a piece of paper.
  1. Only pack the things you really need. You don’t want a cluttered backpack. Don’t just put everything you use every day. Try to spend a minute or two when you’re doing your packing and ask yourself why you are bringing it or what do you need that for.

Those are the tips I can share for a travelight adventure. As for me, I will also enumerate the things I commonly pack when I travel.

I usually travel in cities to witness the local festivals which normally last for three days. Given that duration, I will bring two sets of clothes plus another set for night-time which I wear again for the second night. I’m already wearing my first set for the first day when I leave. But in case of trips which I expect that I will get wet or I have to travel in water, I normally bring extra sets to be safe. I have a plastic organizer for my toiletries to eliminate the clutter in my bag. If I need something I’ll just go grab it. Everything is there, hassle-free. That includes a small soap, a sachet of shampoo and conditioner (I don’t use hotel toiletries. They don’t really help.) and personal hygiene stuffs. You just pick yours. Just make sure they fit perfectly. I always bring my first aid kit which includes pills for headache, fever, antibiotic, stomach ache, flu and diarrhea. I also bring anti-itch lotion and menthol ointment in case of emergency. You don’t know what could happen. They are just small stuffs. They won’t eat too much space. Sometimes I bring a compact umbrella.

As for my gadgets, I bring my SLR for better looking photos plus a digital camera for back up since I’m doing travel photography. Downside is an SLR is just too bulky and not convenient to bring. I have to get used to it dangling on my neck while running, walking, etc. I make sure all the batteries are fully charged to avoid undocumented moments. I pack all chargers with me. It’s advisable that you use a wire manager. I also bring a monopod for selfie moments with my phone.

These are just suggestions. It varies on a traveler’s personality and preferences but if you are a starter, you don’t want to miss this.


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