Burot Beach: A Quick Escape from the Metro

It was summer of 2014 and my plan was to utilize most of my days off traveling. I saw a nice beach in a friend’s travel page and quickly planned ahead with the help of two girls and a guy from work. Since we were on a tight budget, it was a perfect day off getaway for us!

Burot Beach is a private beach in Calatagan, Batangas. Because it is owned by the SM Group of Companies, do not be surprised if the guards on duty are wearing the typical SM security guard uniform which I find too awkward for a place like that. There is no electricity, one bathroom (which uh… do not expect), cottages and tables for rent. Get a table for Php200, nipa hut for Php500, torch light for Php70, bonfire for Php100, griller for Php100. There’s nowhere to sleep but in tents so make sure you bring your own. If you don’t have one, tents are available for rent at Php300 good for two persons. Charge all your gadgets or bring a power bank.

The white sand, the shore, the tree and our tent.
The white sand, the shore, the tree and our tent.
The right part of the shore where boats pass by.
The right part of the shore where boats pass by.


Anyway, before going make sure you have everything you need as it is almost impossible to secure them when you’re there. We brought our own kitchenwares and utensils – rice cooker (not electric), ladle, knife, chiller, disposable spoons, forks, plates, cups and cleaning materials. Can you imagine us? And take note we were on commute!

How to Get There:

  • Take a bus bound to Calatagan at Uniwide Coastal Mall, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. Parañaque. Ordinary fare is Php140 (that time) and A/C is Php160. First trip is as early as 4 am. Travel time is four hours. As per other posts, there are also terminals along EDSA near MRT Taft station at the back of McDonald’s.
  • Drop at the last stop, Calatagan town proper. From there, you can walk you way to the public market to buy food, drinks, ice, water, etc. We bought condiments, hotdogs, BBQ sticks, ice, fruits, mineral water, liquor and gas. Imagine us again. Don’t forget to haggle!
  • A lot of tricycles await passengers going to Burot. If you want, you can text Kuya Polly at +639159925182 before you go. Fare is Php150 good for 3-4 persons or Php60 per head. If you need to withdraw, there is an ATM machine in town. You may ask the driver to have a quick stop.

Prepare entrance fee, Php65 for day tour/130 overnight. When we got there, the guard was kind to guide us to a vacant table, told us the rates and the things we can rent. We pitched our tent, cooked and went swimming. You may opt not to rent a bonfire and buy wood for cooking. Since there are lots of mangroves around, you may bring to life the girl/boy scout in you and find them yourself.


Table for Php200 and them preppin' dinner
Table for Php200 and them preppin’ dinner
Hotdogs and Bonfire
Hotdogs and Bonfire

There were no waves and it was low tide when we went there so it was impossible to swim near the shore. Watch out for sea urchins. There are plenty. We didn’t have an itinerary. You can swim, sleep or walk along the shore. By the way, sand at the left side of the shore is finer. It is also more remote than the camping area. We put a bonfire at night after dinner and drank. I took some lovely light painting photos.

The Orb!
The Orb!


We had to get back early the next day since we still have work to do. Early that day we broke camp, tidy up and packed our things. We texted Kuya Polly to pick us up. He took us to Calatagan terminal. Buses here wait until it’s full or there are enough passengers. Believe me, I died waiting.


So is Burot beach worth a visit? For me it’s a yes. It’s near the metro, budget friendly and offers an exciting beach camping adventure trip if you’re staying overnight. If this does not interest you, skip this place and go somewhere more comfy and cozy.

Overall expense:

Bus fare- Php280 (round trip)

Tricycle fare- Php75 (round trip, group of 4)

Table- Php50 (group of 4)

Griller- Php25 (group of 4)

Torch Light- Php17.5 (group of 4)


Total of Php447.5 excluding food and supplies


4 thoughts on “Burot Beach: A Quick Escape from the Metro

    i’m sure you can enjoy the beautiful
    white sand the clean water
    you can relax the beautiful place
    Try it Believe it
    just call or text : kuya Romy
    to guide you any time you want
    or tricycle ride to burot beach
    php 150 good for 1 to 3 person
    from public market to burot beach
    contact no : 09266452950


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