Davao City: What You Need to Know Before Exploring

The main purpose of this article is to provide you with information about Davao City to help you get an idea of what’s in store for you in case you still don’t know and to give you bite-size info about laws implemented in the city.

Davao City is the biggest city in the Philippines in terms of land area and also one of the biggest in the world. This stand out city from Northern Mindanao is known for several titles listed as follows:

  • The Land of Promise

Davao City boasts its natural resources to tourists. Majority of income and livelihood comes from here. Fertile lands grow fruits and crops distributed to other places and exported abroad. Enjoy natural scenic spots while staying here.

photo credit www.davaoaccountant.com
photo credit http://www.davaoaccountant.com

The Crown Jewel of Mindanao

It is the premier city, the financial and trade center and the hub of Mindanao. Although Davao has a wide land area used for agriculture, the city center is always busy. Teeming with local and foreign businesses and companies, the city is a boosting economy. There are a number of malls in the city. You can go mall hopping when you visit.

  • Fruit Basket of the Philippines

Davao City is one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of banana, papaya, mangosteen and even flowers. There is also a bountiful harvest of durian, mangoes, pomelos and coconuts. You should try their fruits. You can never go wrong and the price is really cheap!

photo credit www.davaoaccountant.com
photo credit http://www.davaoaccountant.com
  • Durian Capital of the Philippines

The King of Fruits is one of the trademarks of Davao City. Nearly all durian produced in the Philippines are grown in Mindanao and 70% of it is from Davao City. You can also find eight variety of durian here namely Native, Graveolens, Thornless, Mamer, Arancillo, Puyat, Duyaya and Alcon Fancy. Even if you’re not a fan of this royalty, you should still try. This is something you shouldn’t miss because it’s very cheap and fresh! For more info, check out www.doonposaamin.ph/articles/food-to-eat/8-kinds-of-durian-in-davao-city

The King of Fruits! Durian
The King of Fruits! Durian
  • Eco Adventure Capital of the Philippines

Davao City is also proud of its eco adventure spots. You can go ziplining in several areas or go sightseeing and experience nature in one of its nature parks. You can check out GAP Farm, Outland Adventure (just across GAP) and Eden Nature Park.

Tramline system
Tramline system
  • City of Royalties

The city is known for their famous royalty trademarks like the Waling-waling (Queen of Philippine Flowers), Mt. Apo (King of Philippine Peaks), Durian (King of Fruits), Philippine Eagle (King of Birds) and Kadayawan Festival (Festival of All Festivals). Make sure you experience all of these before leaving!

Philippine Eagle
Philippine Eagle

Davao City has won several awards and recognitions such as “The Most Peaceful City in East and Southeast Asia” and awarded as having the “Best Police Office in the Country” which I believe so. I went there during the Kadayawan Festival and police officers and armies were visible everywhere which is a great indicator that locals and tourists are well protected. However, having militaries combined with local police officers means some serious threat to peace and order. Locals were obviously used to these security measures anyway. Bags were inspected when people pass by the street where the parade was.

Water from the faucet is potable. It has been tested for safety, cleanliness and taste which brought home an award for the city.

The city has the lowest crime rate in the country. The government is serious in implementing laws. I remember when I was riding a jeepney, the driver tried to cut through the traffic using a different lane. He was quickly apprehended by the traffic enforcer.

The city has a working emergency hotline (911). In case you were caught into something, do not hesitate to call. It’s free of charge. Liquor ban is at 2:00 am. There is also a smoking ban. Nobody is allowed to smoke in the streets or in any establishments. Maximum speed limit is implemented in various streets and main highways of Davao City from 30 km/hr to 60 km/hr depending on your route. Check the table below for more details:

Name of Highway, Thoroughfare, Street, or Road Maximum allowable speeds
From Sirawan to Ulas Crossing

From Lasang to Panacan

From Calinan to Ulas Crossing

From C.P. Gracia Highway-McArthur Highway to Panacan

60 Km/hour
From Ulas to Generoso Bridge/Bolton Bridge

From Panacan Crossing to J.P. Laurel Avenue-Alcantara

From Ma-a Road Diversion to McArthur Highway

40 km/ hour
From J.P. Laurel Ave.Alcantara to Bolton/Generoso Bridge

From Buhangin Crossing-Milan to Bolton/Generoso Bridge

From C. P. Garcia Hwy-Bacaca Road to Bolton/Generoso Bridge

From C.P. Gracia Hwy-Angliongto St. to Bolton/Generoso Bridge

30 km/hour

Anyone caught overspeeding will be apprehended by stand by police and traffic enforcers. So if you have your own ride while traveling, make sure you check this out. Apart from this, 170 CCTV cameras are in action 24/7 all over the city which sends live feeds to the command center (911). This is a part of the completion of Php100 million Intelligence Operations Center (IOC) to improve disaster and crime response.

photo credit 3.bp.blogspot.com
photo credit 3.bp.blogspot.com

Watch out for different colored taxis. There are pinks, blues, greens and blacks. You can try them anytime! Same rate applies.

Pink Visa cab, blue Mastercard, orange Orange Taxi, etc.
Pink Visa cab, blue Mastercard, orange Orange Taxi, etc.

If there are colored taxis in land, there are also colored taxis in water. Check out the Davao Express Water Taxi, the Davao’s pioneer water taxi service which you can rent from Davao City to these destinations:


Alohamoana Resort El Magic Resort Llanos Resort Waterfront Hotel (Pirata Bar)
Ana Marina Resort Fernandez Resort Mahan Resort Island Garden Resort Pangubatan
Babusanta Resort Florenda’s Resort Marex Resort
Bali-Bali Resort Golden Bay Resort Maxima Resort
Bluejazz Resort Hof Gorei Resort Mayumi Resort
Bluewaters Resort Holy Cross Resort Paradise Resort
Buenavista Resort Ilihan Resort Pearl Farm Resort
Caliclic Resort Isla Beach Resort Playa Azalea
Camp Holiday Resort Isla Reta Resort Precious Garden of Samal
Chemas by the Sea Island Ridge Resort Punta del Sol Resort
Club Asiano Resort Kalinawan Resort Rocky Beach
Coco Resort Kaputian Resort Samal Casino Resort
Coral Garden Resort Kembali Resort Samal Island Resort
Costa Marina La familia Resort Samal Seaside Beach
Dayang Resort Leticia By the Sea Seagrass Beach Resort
water taxi
water taxi

Learn how to book here http://www.davaowatertaxi.com/index.php?route=page/page&page_id=3 and get a quote and estimated costs here http://www.davaowatertaxi.com/index.php?route=common/home

Enjoy Davao City!


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