Nine Life Lessons You’ll Learn from Traveling

From the past year of traveling around the Philippines, I have collected pictures, stories, new friends and experienced different food and cultures. But aside from these, I have learned a lot from traveling which anyone could apply in their daily lives. Here are some of them.

  1. Wherever you are, be there. Put down your phone for a while and let yourself be in the moment. Technology has taken us so far these days. Don’t be disconnected to your present life. Talk with your mouth, not with your fingers. Express more with your laughs and smiles, not with emoticons. Give others one of the greatest gifts you can give, time! Immerse yourself wherever you are.
  1. Avoid having too much on your plate. It used to be my problem (or should I say until now) when I travel but I figured I’ll have more meaningful travel experiences if I just drop my list and forget the time for a while. I used to fill my itinerary with all the locations I want to visit due to time constraints but as I continue, I notice it’s not good for me anymore. I use more time taking pictures and consume less time experiencing the place. Drop anything unnecessary. Prioritize what’s important. Few things are better off left undone if they will compromise the quality of everything. Few good output are better than having a lot but mediocre. Remember, there’s always time for everything.
  1. Life is not just about you. When you travel, you will discover that you are just a tiny speck in the universe. Instead of focusing merely on yourself, try to extend and share yourself to others. Give a helping hand. When you get involved into something, you’ll notice that everything follows. No man is an island, they say.
  1. Ask and you shall receive. Don’t be afraid to voice out what you want, even your opinions. Don’t hesitate to ask someone if you need help about anything. I’ve done this before not only in my travels and I found this very effective. No one will know what you’re yearning for unless you tell them. There’s no point in keeping all the questions to yourself and wonder what could have happened if you’ve asked someone about it. Most of the time, you get more than what you need when you started opening your mouth and speaking up your mind.
  1. Preparation is one of the keys to success. Everything needs preparation. Even if what you’ve been prepping for is still vague, when the right opportunity comes, you’re prepared. Need I say more? J
  1. You need less than what you think. I remember this every time I pack my bag. You don’t need most of the things you think you do. You just want them. They just slow you down in getting your ultimate goals in life. Make everything plain and simple for you to be easily understood.
  1. Things learned outside the classroom and without the aid of books are more valuable than your grades in school when applied to your everyday life. Life is a continuous learning process and one doesn’t stop from learning when they finish school. It’s just the start of the real life education. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes because that way you get scars. Learn from them. Discover what’s effective and what’s not and never do the same mistakes again.
  1. Buy experiences, not things. Things last. Even the most expensive ones have only a limited useful life. What’s left of them is scrap. When you buy experience, it’s a lifetime asset and will be forever part of you. You can share them with your loved ones, help them or inspire others. Experiences are good assets which can lead to other assets, just like how you got your day job!
  1. NEVER ever compare yourself to others. Comparison is the theft of joy. Whoever you are, wherever you are, always remember that you are unique and one of a kind. Your journey is more important than your current status so focus on your set goals and plan to achieve them. Quit thinking about your rich neighbor or your coolest high school classmate, please.

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