Spending My First Day in Thailand: A Funny and a Feel-So-Sorry-For-You Story

Taking a series of trains from the airport and then walking my way to the address specified in the almost torn paper in my hand, I arrived at the guesthouse few hours before lunch. It was quite a walk from Lumphini station but since I had a shoestring budget, I decided to take a walk.

I stopped at an intersection which seemed to be familiar. I was confident that I could find the place easily because I have seen a video on Youtube on how to find it. However, the guesthouse I booked was nowhere to be seen and the landmark restaurant was not there either. All I could see were apartments and a spa. I waited, praying that there would be a free wi-fi somewhere near so I could message the owner. Fail. Texting was out of the question. It was just too expensive.

A quick glance to my left and I found a familiar yellow sign of the restaurant in the corner. Okay, so I was at the wrong intersection. Feeling the extreme heat of the sun and my soaked in sweat tee, I hurried, took a sharp right and then I found it. Glorious!

The door was locked and I couldn’t see anyone inside. I tried to ring the doorbell but no one answered the door. I remembered the key under the chair’s cushion but I couldn’t figure out the right one. Also, I didn’t want to be intruding in someone else’s house. There were some people outside and they seemed to be looking at me. After a few minutes, finally, somebody opened the door.

I was greeted by a middle aged lady who barely spoke English and three uber-cute huskies. All she could say was “yeah, yeah” and then smiles. I handed her my reservation print out and afterwards, she handed me a paper with room numbers. I thought she was asking me to choose, so I did. It was 11:00 am.

She escorted me to my room. It was too small, enough for a double bed to fit in, with a dressing table right after the bed and a stand fan beside the door. The floor area of the room was just enough for the three furnitures. There was no space for me to walk. So I was speechless (in disappointment). I just unpacked my bag and rested.

And then the owner came in asking if I was sure about the room because it’s not what I booked. I told him the scene earlier which I failed to understand correctly. Evan said I had to transfer to my “correct” room which is in a “different” building but unfortunately it’s not yet ready till 2 pm. The room was in a different building and I’ve already unpacked my bag. Jeez! So I waited for three long hours. I grabbed lunch somewhere near the guesthouse for 35 baht and returned, waited for few more minutes, hurriedly and mindlessly packed my bag again and transferred to my “real” room.

It was bigger, with A/C, a remote control wall fan, a vault, a cabinet, a cable TV with few books below the rack, a dressing table. It has some sort of an extension where a foldable table and a stool nestled in a corner beside a window, a fridge, a sink, a coat stand and a toilet with hot and cold shower on the other end. I finally sighed with relief.

It was a hot afternoon and I was really feeling tired and sleepy from waking up so early that day plus the travel time from the Philippines to Thailand. Also, I called in sick at work a day before that due an untimely cough and flu, missing a written exam schedule for an internal application. Great!

So I was there lying in bed the whole afternoon sneezing, coughing, sniffing and partially dozing off. I was drowsy. I decided not to go out. Went out after a long nap to grab dinner and refilled my water bottle. When I got home, I took some pills. I’m going to get better tomorrow, I thought to myself. I should be.


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