DIY Trip to Puerto Princesa Underground River

Here is a step by step guide to your DIY trip to Puerto Princesa Underground River.

  1. Head to the City Coliseum located in National Highway, Barangay San Pedro. Take a tricycle. Fare depends on where you’ll hail it. Minimum fare is 10 pesos.
  1. Go to the PPUR Office and get your queue number. Wait for your turn. Take note of their operating hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm with no lunch break, Saturday and Sunday, 8am-11am and 1pm-4pm.
  1. Present your ID and the officer will process the necessary documents. Tell the officer you’re a walk in.
  1. Pay the necessary fees.




Senior Citizens and Disabled-P100

Tip: Upon arrival to PP, make sure to book right away. Expect to be scheduled the next day or a day after that.

  1. Head to San Jose Terminal. You may take a tricycle. Fare depends on your ability to haggle but we paid P100 for two. Another option that is cheaper is to hunt for a multicab around the city proper going to San Jose Terminal or New Market. Fare is more or less P15. Travel time is around 20 minutes by tricycle and 30 minutes by multicab.
  1. Look for jeepneys (that partly look like a bus) that say Sabang. Fare is P110. Seats are first come first serve. Travel time is more than two hours or may even reach up to three hours depending on the number of stops it will make.

Schedule of jeepneys is 7am, 9am, 12nn, 2pm. If it’s not yet full, it will wait until it is. Last trip going back to San Jose Terminal is 2 pm.

Another option is to take the Lexus vans which cost P150 for locals and P200 for foreigners. Travel time is approximately an hour and 45 minutes. Schedule of departure is 7:30am, 8:30am, 10am, 3pm, 4:30pm. Make sure to reserve your seats before going by calling their booking office at 0912-100-2651 or 0917-585-9602.

  1. Upon arrival, head to the booking office and pay the environmental fee worth P80. There are food vendors around so don’t worry if you weren’t able to bring any.
  1. Get your number at the tent just outside the office and wait until your number is called. It means it’s already your turn to hop on the boat. Please note that the current going to the underground river is strong as it is facing the West Philippine Sea. Check the weather forecast first because it might be closed during rough weather.

The boat will take you to the shore where you have to walk a few minutes to the underground river. Sit in front of the boat if you want to hold the torch light. Your boatman will act as your guide. He’ll practically show you all the interesting rock formations inside. The tour will last about an hour but you can stay and take pictures near the river or along the shore. The same boat will take you back to Sabang Port.

Breakdown of expenses:

Tricycle fare to Coliseum-P10

Fees (local)-P175

Multicab to San Jose-P15


Environmental Fee-P80

Jeepney going back-P110

Multicab to city proper-P15

Tricycle to hotel-P10


Tour fees normally range from P1200/pax. You save P675.

IMG_1254  IMG_1323

IMG_1295  IMG_1313



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