The Ultimate Laoag City Guide

Ilocos Norte is situated in Ilocos region. Located in the northwest corner, it is bordered by Ilocos Sur to the southweset, Abra to the southeast, Apayao to the east, Cagayan to the northeast, South China sea to the northwest and Luzon Strait to the north. Ilocano dialect is widely used but locals know how to speak Tagalog as well. The province is known to be the birthplace of the late president Ferdinand Marcos. It is famous for sukang Iloko (vinegar), empanadas and Ilocos longganisa.

How to get there:

  1. You may fly from Manila to Laoag airport via Philippine Airlines (as of the moment, Cebu Pacific has cancelled all flights to Laoag).
  2. You may take a bus going to Laoag. Bus operators and schedule are as follows:
Bus Company Time Destination Class
Florida bus (Sampaloc Terminal) 11:30PM LAOAG CITY Via Paoay (Regular)
12:30PM LAOAG CITY (Regular)
1:30PM PINILI – Laoag City (Regular)
6:00PM JUNCTION LUNA – Laoag (Deluxe)
6:30PM BACARRA – VINTAR Via Paoay (Regular)
7:00PM PAGUDPUD – Laoag (Regular)
7:30PM NUEVA ERA – BANNA – LAOAG via Paoay (Deluxe)
8:00PM JUNCTION LUNA – Laoag (Deluxe)
8:15PM LAOAG CITY (Super Deluxe)
8:30PM SARRAT – PIDDIG – LAOAG Via Paoay (Deluxe)
9:00PM LAOAG CITY (Deluxe)
9:30PM PAGUDPUD – Laoag (Deluxe)
10:15PM LAOAG CITY (Sleeper Bus)
10:30PM PASUQUIN – Laoag (Deluxe)
11:00PM LAOAG CITY (Deluxe)
Fariñas Trans 6:00 AM LAOAG CITY First class with CR
7:00 AM LAOAG CITY First class with CR
8:00 AM LAOAG CITY First Class
6:30 PM LAOAG CITY First class with CR
7:30 PM LAOAG CITY First class with CR
8:00 PM LAOAG CITY First class with CR
8:30 PM LAOAG CITY Super Deluxe
9:00 PM LAOAG CITY First class with CR
9:30 PM LAOAG CITY First class with CR
10:00 PM LAOAG CITY Super Deluxe
10:30 PM LAOAG CITY First class with CR
11:30 PM LAOAG CITY First class with CR
Partas (Cubao) 7:00 PM Laoag, Ilocos Norte First Class (10 hrs. Php 797)
10:00 PM Laoag, Ilocos Norte Deluxe (10 hrs. Php 965)
10:00 PM Laoag, Ilocos Norte First Class (13.1 hrs. Php 797)
  1. Bring your own car, of course, but I cannot help you with the navigation, though. I’ve yet to buy one for myself.

Where to stay:

There are a number of hotels and pension houses in Laoag. You may choose from high to low end depending on your preference but if you are travelling without a private car, you may want to book a hotel in or near the city center to cut down cost of transportation around.  Tricycle is the only mode of transportation locally and the cost can get pretty steep especially if you’re an obvious tourist coming from outside the city center. Although tricycle drivers have tariffs and palpable signages are displayed, sometimes they do not follow that, so make sure you pay the right amount.

List of the best and cheap hotels and accommodations are as follows:

Hotel Name Address and other details
LAOAG RENZO HOTEL (budget friendly) Brgy. 19, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

Phone: +63 77 770 4898

JAVA HOTEL (budget friendly) Brgy. 55-B Salet, Gen. Segundo Avenue, Laoag

Phone: +63 2 246 1010

FORT ILOCANDIA RESORT Barangay 37 2900 Philippines, Laoag City

Phone: (077) 772 1166

THE PALACIO DE LAOAG Paterno, Laoag City

Phone:(077) 773 1842

AURELIO’S MANSION Vintar Road, Brgy 23, Laoag City

Phone: 0919 846 5173

KINGSCOURT HOTEL (budget friendly) Barangay No. 55-A, Barit, Laoag

Phone: (077) 772 2522

NORTHVIEW HOTEL (budget friendly) Airport Road, Brgy. 46, Nalbo Laoag City

Phone: (077) 773-1689

Mobile: 09175060660

PAMULINAWEN HOTEL National Highway, Barangay 22, San Guillermo, San Nicolas

Phone: (077) 670 5298

HOTEL TIFFANY (budget friendly) Gen. Segundo Avenue corner M.H. del Pilar Street Laoag

Phone: (077) 770 3550

GERTES RESORT (budget friendly) Brgy. Balatong, Laoag

Phone:(077) 786 1053

RIO GRANDE DE LAOAG RESORT AND HOTEL (budget friendly) A. Bonifacio, Brgy.14, Laoag City

Phone: 0917 483 6102

GRAND OCTAGON RESORT Airport Rd, Buttong, Laoag City

Phone: (077) 676 1704

ISABEL SUITES (budget friendly) Gen. Segundo Ave, Laoag City

Phone: (077) 770 4998

BALAY DE BLAS PENSIONE 10 Gen. Giron, Laoag City

Phone: (077) 770 4389

ILOCOS ROSEWELL HOTEL (budget friendly) San Francisco National High-Way, Barangay 1 San Nicolas

Phone: (077) 670 6528

TEXICANO HOTEL & RESTAURANT (budget friendly) Brgy. 8, Laoag City

Phone: (077) 772 0606

FARM SIDE HOTEL (budget friendly) 49-B Raraburan, Laoag City

Phone: (077) 781 3152

UKL EVER HOTEL (budget friendly) Airport Rd, Barangay 46, Laoag City

Phone: (077) 677 2238

VIVEN HOTEL 3rd Floor, 365 Plaza, Valdez Center, San Nicolas

Phone: (077) 670 5112

WEST GATE HOTEL 51 B Nangalisan, Laoag City

Phone: 0917 602 3500

Where to eat:

Here is a list of must try restaurants in the city.

Restaurant Address Other Details
Saramsam Ylocano Restaurant & Bar Gen. Giron, Laoag City

Phone: (077) 771 5825

La Preciosa J. P. Rizal Street, Laoag City

Phone: (077) 773 1162

Try Puqui-puqui (eggplant with egg and tomatoes), Warek-warek (like sisig), carrot cake
Sate Modern Indonesian Dining Brgy. 1 San Franciso, San Nicolas

Mobile: 0977 899 2000

Hours: 11am-10pm

Fine Dining, serving Indonesian cuisine

Herencia Garden Restaurant Rizal Park, Castro St., Brgy. 4,, Laoag City

Phone: (077) 600 0040

Hours: 8AM–10PM
Dap-ayan A food junction serving Ilocos empanada, mami and other street food

Sate Fine Dining Restaurant Menu

La Preciosa Restaurant


Things to Do:

Most of the main attractions in the city are concentrated in the city center. From any point in the city, take a tricycle and head to Aurora Park. It is home to the Tobacco Monopoly Monument located right in front of the park if you’re coming from San Nicolas.

Tobacco Monopoly Monument

Across the park is the Ilocos Norte Capitol.

Ilocos Norte Capitol



Sinking Bell Tower


To the right of the park facing the capitol is the way to Sinking Bell Tower which was built by the Augustinians in 1612 and has reportedly been sinking per inch per year due to the sandy soil where it was built.

St.  Williams Cathedral


Museo Ilocos Norte


Facing the capitol, walk going to the left. First corner to the right is the way to Museo Ilocos Norte. It is open from Monday-Saturday, 9am-12nn then 1pm-5pm and on Sundays from 10am-12nn then 1pm-5pm. It showcases the varied ethnicity and multi-faceted cultural heritage of a sturdy, hardworking people known for their industry, resourcefulness and loyalty.

La Paz Sand Dunes


It is located in the village of La Paz, west of Laoag City. It is accessible by private vehicles, tricycles or public jeepneys. Travel time is 10-15 minutes, one hour and a half if you wish to walk. The sand dunes itself is already a sight to see, plus the South China Sea that could be seen from afar but the real deal here is the heart stopping, nerve-racking 4×4 rides. The height of the sand dunes ranges from 10-30 meters. You can also try sandboarding or renting ATV’s. You may check out my separate article about my 4×4 experience here.

To have a convenient transfer from hotel to the sand dunes, you must book your local 4×4 operators prior to your trip. They will call or message you regarding arrangements for time and place of pick up. You can find different tour operators on Facebook. Just type La Paz Sand Dunes or click here and a lot of pages will pop out.



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